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23 April 2010 @ 12:18 am
[In Progress, Closed] Assassin family... plus Leo... plus plus La Volpe.  
Who: Ezio playboyassassin, Federico is_the_eldest, Giovanni betrayedblade, La Volpe awilyfox and Leonardo brohug.
Time/Location: April / Apartments
Summary: Federico flees from zombie!Lisa and ends up giving his family a good scare.
Rating: PG-13 for blood and swearing?
Warnings: BLOOD and assassins... and a gay artist?
Status: Closed, In progress.

It had all happened so quickly. He'd had his date with Selphie, met a few other young women in the process, a rather good day besides his pants taking forever to dry after the pool... but a good day none the less. Then later on he happened through the lobby again and seen a familiar form. A young woman he'd met with for a little while in the manor.


Everything went drastically down hill afterward. Covered in blood, the majority on his tunic, he was stumbling back into said lobby, and heading for the stairs. Up. Heading up would lead him to his father, to Ezio. That was safe. That was where he needed to be. Wobbly on the stairs as he ran, he eventually had to stop, the adrenaline leaving him and his body buckling under the shock of everything. The pain, the surprise of having a dead body come back to life in front of him and attacking him... Lisa had tried to kill him. Or... no, it wasn't Lisa, it was some, monster.

He didn't know what, but whatever it had been, it had gouged his arm pretty well, long deep scratches marring skin, tearing his tunic and the shirt beneath. It had even gotten a bite in, on his shoulder, before Federico was able to get away and think straight enough to run. The thought of killing it hadn't crossed his mind. He just knew he had to get away. A walking corpse trying to kill him... as he slumped against the third floor stairwell, he had to wonder... what if he'd come back like that? Clutching at his arm he hissed, panting hard, trying to catch his breath. His eyes darted around, keeping an eye out for Lisa, to make sure she hadn't followed.

To say he was a bit high strung at the moment would be an understatement.
playboyassassin on April 23rd, 2010 04:51 am (UTC)
Ezio awoke from his nightmare as abruptly as usual, wincing at the familiar pain in his shoulder as the 'bruise' grew and then slowly began to fade. He was more than surprised to find his father and Leonardo still sleeping, but at the same time glad they were even there to begin with. He crept from the bed carefully, moving across the room with the intention of just letting them sleep and wandering around for a bit to wake himself up.

That...obviously wasn't going to happen. The first thing he heard when he was out the door was the thud as something hit the wall, and he would have never guessed in a million years it was his brother. Seeing as Ezio was obviously the most intelligent man on the face of the earth EVER, he moved toward the sound. He was wary, obviously, since this place gave him the creeps like the manor did, but when he saw what the source of the noise actually was, he almost stopped breathing.

Nononononono! That was NOT Federico with blood all over him on the stairwell. That was absolutely not his brother looking like he was going to keel over right in front of him.

"Federico!" He snapped to attention after that shocked pause, darting to his brother's side and kneeling down so he could grab his arm--the one that wasn't injured obviously--and try and hoist him to a stand.

"Padre! Leonardo!" God DAMMIT, get your asses up and help.

He just frowned, tugging Federico's arm over his shoulders so he could get him up the rest of the stairs. he wasn't even going to ask what happened yet. He was kind of too hellbent on making sure he didn't DIE first.
Giovanni Auditore da Firenze: ♠ :: ombreggiata mezzobetrayedblade on April 23rd, 2010 05:12 am (UTC)
Giovanni blinked rapidly awake, a feeling of dread screaming in his mind that something wasn't right. Fatherly instinct had him on his feet and looking for Ezio before he even registered what it was that had alerted his senses to the brink of ridiculousness. His son's yell penetrated through the fog of his waking mind and he instantly homed in on the direction, rushing towards the door and out of it in a matter of seconds.

On the threshold he froze. His mind went in two different directions at once: one, the father, went crazy in tight circles screaming of blood and fear and his son was hurt oh God; the other, the Assassin, focused painfully on the details with a detachment that almost hurt, accessing the situation and methodically going through possible reasons and solutions, carefully, slowly.

In the end the Assassin had to win out because the other half didn't know how to handle the situation correctly--not without panicking in the process. His steps were heavy as he approached.

"Federico. What happened?" As he spoke his eyes scanned the elder boy's body from head to toe, thankfully noting only the one arm seemed to be damaged and that meant likely most of the blood wasn't his. He was deadly calm, his voice cold and hard, while his eyes were frozen some sort of blank, eerie determination. He bent forward and grabbed Federico, helping his other son to lift the boy and carrying him from the spot, his eyes briefly scanning the direction where Federico had obviously come from looking for some sort of attacker. Seeing nothing at the moment, he forcefully directed the two boys back towards the apartment room.
brohug on April 23rd, 2010 05:25 am (UTC)
The moment he was jerked away by the yell of Ezio's distant voice, he was alone in the room and--ow, God--in pain. Wincing against the agonizing tingle of the bruise-like tattoo on him, he rocked to the side... only to fall right out of the bed and onto the floor like the derp he is.

"Mama mia," he muttered, struggling to get himself up because one, everybody had vacated the premises; and two, he could have sworn Ezio's voice was not merely in his dream.

After climbing to his feet, he staggered quickly for the door that, oddly enough, was left open in Giovanni's haste to the hallway. Hat in hand, he tripped just as he crossed the threshold because he was startled by the three Auditores returning to the room. Now the hat was on the floor, seeing as how he almost shit a brick.

"Dio!" he cried breathlessly, snatching up the fallen hat. "What happened?!" Blood. Holy Mary, mother of Jesus, blood. He began back-stepping into the room, looking squeamish and pale. "Is everyone okay?"
Federico Auditore da Firenze: -5-  And things go wrong.is_the_eldest on April 23rd, 2010 06:23 am (UTC)
Federico wasn't doing a bang up job keeping a look out since he didn't notice his brother till Ezio was already tugging him up, calling his name, then for their father and Leonardo. His father is there then, help Ezio get him to a room. If he were more aware he'd realize it was Leonardo and his father's room, but right now he was just trying to focus on the question that had been asked of him as he'd been carted away.

"Che..." A bloody hand came to rub over his face and he blinked, realizing what he'd done. He tried again, rubbing the spot with his sleeve... but that was soaked in blood as well. God, so much blood.

"Lisa... she was there..." Federico looked to his brother, "Ezio, you remember, from the manor! The pretty blond woman, Lisa. I met her again... in the lobby but..." A hand runs through his hair, smearing more blood through it, much like anything he touched right now, "She was hurt. Scared. And bleeding. Dio... so much every where I couldn't understand why."

It was then he noticed poor Leonardo, looking rightfully uncomfortable. He really did pick the wrong people to be friends with.

"I tried to find help, but she... she died before I could get too far. Right in my arms. I saw her! But like you and I, padre, she came back!" He shook his head then, "She wasn't the same... she was like.... like an animal, I didn't realize she was going to hurt me till, well--" Federico motioned to his shoulder and arm with a wince, feeling a bit more with it now that he was around people he knew, and the shock had worn off a little. It meant his wounds hurt more as well, but it was a welcome change feeling like a sack of potatoes.

"None of it makes any sense." Said with a sigh, as he went to rub at his face again, before stopping himself. A bath would be lovely right now.
playboyassassin on April 23rd, 2010 06:49 am (UTC)
The look on his father's face didn't do anything to really relax him, in fact it worried him even more. He knew the whole...assassin thing came with a price, but that, that just scared him. That tone of voice seemed so unfitting to the situation, but part of him wished he could have been that focused while his brother was covered in blood in some strange building.

As much as he would have liked to answer the question posed about if 'everyone was okay', he really couldn't. Federico wasn't dying, just very badly wounded, but he personally seemed to far from 'okay.' The shock and realization that he may lose his brother a second time made him shake, but still managed to carry him back to the room with his father and set him down so he could explain. The explanation that made little to no sense.

"Lisa did this?" Where was she now? and was she just attacking at random? Not the time for anger and frustration, Ezio--Why did he have to mention them dying in the first place, even if they HAD come back. "Why would she attack you for no reason?" his brows furrowed to accent his confusion, unable to really look at Federico while he was covered in blood. God, not again with this. Instead he looked to make sure Leonardo wasn't going to faint first before he glanced to his father as if waiting for some kind of instruction.

His mind was filled with too many thoughts, too many things happening at once and just...worrying and fretting and shaking with fear that he may lose his family again. He wouldn't allow it.
Giovanni Auditore da Firenze: ♠ :: ascoltantebetrayedblade on April 30th, 2010 05:24 am (UTC)
Giovanni seemed focused solely on his eldest son as he listened with an intent ear to the explanation--frowning in consternation as much as worry--even as he eyed the damage to Federico without so much as glancing up at any of the odd conversation. It didn't mean he didn't catch the awaiting look from his second son though. He took advantage of that and immediately told Ezio what to do--get towels and cloth, and a basin of water, and once he'd gotten that out of his younger son he requested more specific medical necessities.

"'Sense' is not the word I would use to describe this place. Enough babbling. Federico, strip." So very curt and demanding.
brohug on April 30th, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
Excuse him while he nearly wrung the fabric out of his hat. Lisa? Who the God was Lisa and why was she chewing hunks out of Federico's shoulder?

The only reason he was jittery and pale was because a. all the Auditores were looking like deer-in-the-headlights and b. Federico was putting more blood everywhere and c. he had worked on cadavers, but patching up seriously bleeding people, still alive people, he hadn't really done... aside from maybe Ezio a few times.

"Is his collar broken?" he asked just as Ezio was instructed to run and get things. "A-ah... It... seems as if some major muscles would more than likely be torn"--said, of course, with a hand on his mouth and chin in thought--"which will prohibit him from using his arm until they are healed since they are all connected and help each other in movement"--whoops, rambling--"but if his collar is broken... w-well, we'll have to realign it, or he would never have a proper arm." He watched to see how Federico went about being able to undress himself.

"First," he continued, lowering his hand, "we will have to stop the bleeding before he dies." That man-purse? Yeah, it's good for something, so there. Twisting, he digs around in the pouch attached to his waist, tugging from its confines some thread and a needle. "This. Here." He offered them to... to Giovanni? "A-ah, I can't." He shook his head and blushed in embarrassment. Not with so much blood, not with his hands shaking like this. "Y-you have to clean it first, of course, but you also have to sew quickly or more blood will just obstruct your work."

He leaned to watch them, face grim. "Give him something to bite on if he needs it, it'll sting." After a moment, he said, "Ezio, lend me another towel? I will clean him off while you keep the wound free of blood." He could at least try to do something useful, right?
Federico Auditore da Firenze: -2-  Concentration is key.is_the_eldest on May 1st, 2010 02:07 pm (UTC)
"I don't know..." Federico sighed to his brother's question. None of this made sense, and as his father said, sense was hardly a word to use concerning anything here. If this were a normal conversation and he hadn't just been attacked by an undead woman who bled all over him, Federico would have noticed how his father was behaving, probably been a little taken back by his coldness. Not the case at the moment. Obediently he started to strip off his tunic and the white shirt under it... not that it was really very white anymore. Looking lamely for some place to put it that wouldn't make a mess, he eventually just gave up and dropped it on the floor.

His left arm burned, and while it hurt terribly, it would end up nothing more than scars. If he were back home he'd be delighted by the aspect, as women loved scars, no? Not so much here. Not paying much attention to the conversation being held between Leonardo and his father, Federico is gingerly touching at the nasty bite to his shoulder. Lisa had certainly gotten a nice chunk out of him, and while it was difficult to really crane his neck to see the damage well, he was actually a little glad. He probably didn't want to see it... it felt bad enough. Once he was a bit more coherent, he'd be thanking Leonardo for helping out, as he'd most likely hear from Ezio about it later, when he'd been patched up and rested a bit... and wasn't being a space cadet.
playboyassassin on May 1st, 2010 09:29 pm (UTC)
Ezio quickly did what he was told despite his wariness concerning his father's sudden change in attitude. Moving away from the situation to gather the towels and such left him enough time to clear his head before he returned and set everything down beside the bed.

The last thing Leonardo should have said now was 'before he dies', because the thought of it had Ezio shivering with fear. "He won't die." he hissed between his teeth, dunking one of the cloths into the basin of water and wringing it out so he could start cleaning around the wound on his brother's shoulder. He handed one off to Leonardo, and then to whoever else said they needed one. Because really, he didn't have time to freak out right now.

He would later though.
Giovanni Auditore da Firenze: ♠ :: incappucciati colpo d'occhiobetrayedblade on May 14th, 2010 07:37 pm (UTC)
Giovanni took the offered needle and thread with a quick glance at his younger son. He felt an odd ping in his heart--not guilt like he would have expected, but pity. He hid the emotion behind the concentration it required to 'fix' the wound.

Thankfully, he was somewhat competent in stitching, having long ago become knowledgeable in the area before he met his wife. It was a useful skill to have for a bachelor, and one that got into much trouble during his heyday. He never paid attention when his brother made jokes about it. Besides, even after married life his wife wasn't always close enough to patch him up just because he'd been careless again. He at least needed to be able to cope long enough to reach her when it was bad.

He tried not to think about anything else while he patched up his son. It was distracting where his thoughts wanted to go right now, and depressing. He also hoped his sons wouldn't question him too much after this as the more he calmed down the more he realized just how he'd reacted.