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19 March 2010 @ 10:05 pm
Who: Ezio Auditore [playboyassassin], Federico Auditore [is_the_eldest], Giovanni Auditore [betrayedblade], Leonardo da Vinci [brohug]
Time/Location: March 19th, the apartments.
Summary: The Auditore boys and Leonardo are having a family reunion.
Rating: PG-PG-13? No idea yet.
Warnings: Grown men crying probably. |:
Status: In progress, Closed.

When Ezio awoke again from his returning nightmare, the first thing he did was stumble out of the bed, ignoring the pain of the growing bruise on his shoulder and back. It was dark here, too, and for a second he thought he was still stuck in the manor.

"No." he squinted through the darkness of the room, eyes adjusting so he was able to make out the odd appliances and electronics that he knew jack about. This was the apartments, which meant he wasn't dreaming anymore...but what about his father? He didn't even put on his boots, or grab his gauntlet before he ran out, down the hall and toward his brother's room.

He knocked--no, he practically punched the door down in his frantic state. He needed to tell him that their father had to be around somewhere, that he was alive and well ( or as well as one could be in such a situation ), and more over; he needed to wake him up.

"Federico! aprire la porta!" for the love of God, Federico. Before he broke the damn thing down.
Federico Auditore da Firenze: -23-  Wait wait wait... wait.is_the_eldest on March 20th, 2010 02:27 am (UTC)
Federico was just waking from "sleep", the manor and it's darkness still very fresh in his mind. He'd been with Lisa, Ezio had been there as well, until he managed to get separated from them. He didn't remember much else and didn't get a second to, as there was a loud banging startling him out of bed. Thankfully low on the ground as it was, hitting the floor didn't hurt much. Tugging on his boots quickly, Federico made for the door, hearing his brother's voice on the other side.

"Ehi, sto venendo! Distenda!" [Hey, I am coming! Relax!"] Federico said groggily, trying to get his bearings in the dark room. Fumbling with the handle he finally got the door open, Ezio standing before him looking frantic.

"What is it, Ezio?"
playboyassassin on March 20th, 2010 02:35 am (UTC)
Relax? Don't tell him to relax, Federico!

When the door opened the middle Auditore boy let out a huff, his look saying 'took you long enough' even if it had only been a minute or less since he knocked on the door. "Federico, father is...he's..." He inhaled deeply, making sure he remembered how to breathe before finishing.

"I saw him. In that dream! he was there, Federico! That means he has to be here. We have to find him." He looked down at himself now. Whoa...totally didn't think to grab any weaponry before he jumped outta bed. Hopefully they wouldn't run around outside either.
Federico Auditore da Firenze: -6-  Hm? Oh right yes.is_the_eldest on March 20th, 2010 02:54 am (UTC)
Will tell him to relax if he wanted to! But maybe later.

The mention of their father instantly got Federico's attention. Eyes on his brother, his expression changed from groggy to alert in an instant. Hand coming up to clasp Ezio's shoulder, the eldest Auditore boy tried to keep his calm. His brother already seemed up and at em enough for the both of them.

"So that's where you got off too..." Federico was a bit jealous, that Ezio got to see their father first... but perhaps it was only fair. Considering how long it had been since Ezio had seen him last. Even then...

"Si, go get your boots, idiota and then we can go look for him. I'll start knocking on doors to see if he's nearby." Patting Ezio's shoulder, Federico was already trying to worm his way out past his brother, since the brat was taking up the whole doorway.
playboyassassin on March 20th, 2010 03:01 am (UTC)
Right, boots. He stared at his brother for a moment longer, wanting to double-check that he was still going to be there when he returned. It wasn't like he asked to see his dead family members all of a sudden, and if he wasn't so overly thankful for it he would have been traumatized. not that he wasn't already.

With that he nodded, heading back down the hall and knocking on every door he could between his room and Federico's. There weren't many, and obviously they were all empty, but it was worth a shot. He put on his boots as quickly as possible, grabbing his blade while he was at it and fitting it back onto his arm.

In less than three minutes he was out in the hall again, that frantic look having changed to that of determination. He needed to find his father, and not just for his own benefit. Whatever side of the hall Federico had taken to, Ezio went the opposite, knocking on doors just as he had his brother's.

"Padre!" he would pause to listen at each one, waiting and hoping he would be right eventually. But on this floor...probably not.
Federico Auditore da Firenze: -22-  Listen well baby brother.is_the_eldest on March 20th, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
Already having gone down one side, Federico could hear Ezio and quickly made his way over, grabbing him by the arm. Gently of course.

"Any luck?" He looked hopeful, even a sign would be nice, "I've already gone down that way," he nodded the way he'd come, "I'll head to the next floor. If you're finished here, join me." Letting his brother's arm go, Federico is already turning to make his way towards the stairs that will lead him down to the floor below. He had to be here. One of these rooms. They just had to find it.
playboyassassin on March 20th, 2010 03:28 am (UTC)
Ezio stopped, looking to his brother with a slow shake of his head.

"None, but he's here somewhere, I know it." he looked down the opposite end of the hall, trusting that Federico had really found nothing to aid in their search.

Since this floor seemed rather barren at the moment, he followed Federico down the stairs, ready to repeat the process of knocking on the doors. He'd do it until he collapsed from exhaustion if he had to.
Federico Auditore da Firenze: -4-  A confident smirk.is_the_eldest on March 20th, 2010 04:26 am (UTC)
Getting down to the next floor, he paused, waiting for Ezio.

"If he's here, brother, we'll find him. Don't worry." He smiled, trying to be optimistic for his little brother. It was what big brothers did, be strong for their young siblings, of course. Or do their damn best to be that for them. Giving him a pat pat on the arm, he turned to make for the nearest door, knocking first, before rattling the doorknob to see if it was open.

"Padre!?" He'd call, stepping in enough to see if his father were there or not. Each time his call went unanswered his hopes faltered. What if Ezio really hadn't seen their father? What if it was just a dream? It made him wonder if that woman, Lisa were real as well.
Giovanni Auditore da Firenze: ♠ :: un enigma da risolverebetrayedblade on March 20th, 2010 04:41 am (UTC)
Giovanni was still trying to orientate himself with his new surroundings and come to terms about the recent awakening when he heard the noises coming from outside of the room. As if waking up next to another man in unfamiliar surroundings hadn't been bad enough, he still couldn't quite get over what all had happened to him recently. Betrayal, death, waking up in a dream-world, rewaking up in some other dream-like world...next to a master artist who was more confusing than helpful with the entire situation.

He shook his head clear and tilted his head at Leonardo in questioning. Was this normal? he seemed to ask with his expression.

But he didn't wait for an answer from the equally befuddled artist and moved off towards the door beyond which the noises were coming from. He could tell now that it was voices shouting for someone. And pounding. Someone was looking for someone, frantically.

Giovanni's heart quickened a bit when he realized he recognized the voices. So achingly familiar...

He threw open the door and glanced outside. "Ezio! Federico!" He called out before he even managed to spot them, calling them to him like the protective father he was.
brohug on March 20th, 2010 04:55 am (UTC)
Blinking, he glanced at the door just in time for Giovanni to whiz past him like a hurricane. "Ah!" Wait for him?! Hello?

Turning quickly, he followed after the man who was heading out of the room. Did Giovanni really hear Ezio? If so, Giovanni was good... damn good. He guessed he gave up his own listening skills in order to have amazing artistic eyesight. One thing was for certain, Ezio was safe. He hoped.

While Giovanni called for the two brothers, he leaned warily out of the doorway and peered down the hall in the opposite direction. It wouldn't be good if something monstrous busted through the wall during a reunion. Satisfied, he ventured out into the hallway himself.
playboyassassin on March 20th, 2010 05:13 am (UTC)
He nodded again to his brother, giving the faintest of smiles in return. He only hoped he was right in saying they would find their father. If what Giovanni had said in the dream was true...well Ezio wouldn't be very happy, to put it extremely lightly.

He had knocked on only a few doors far down the hall across from his brother when the familiar voice called either of their names. His eyes widened, certain his own heart had stopped before he whipped around so fast he almost gave himself whiplash. "Federico, did you hear that?" he said rather fast and excitedly. He gave the other man no time to answer before he was running down the hall.

"Padre?--!" He spotted the man just down the hall, and assuming Federico was behind him, looked back over a shoulder, "è qui, Federico!" and so was Leonardo, apparently. That was a surprise.

Ezio never moved so fast in his damn life.

Federico Auditore da Firenze: -9-  The Auditore Men.is_the_eldest on March 20th, 2010 05:45 am (UTC)
Hearing the their names called as well, Federico has no time to answer his brother before the other is running towards their father. It seemed surreal, as the last time he'd seen his father they were standing side by side, hands bound behind their backs, ropes around their necks. Granted Federico had spaced out for the most part, not wanting to think or feel anything at that moment before his death.

Though he vaguely remembered hearing his father damning the men responsible for their deaths, before the floor suddenly disappeared beneath their feet. Swallowing hard, Federico eventually joined Ezio, following after him down the hall to their father. As happy to see him as Federico was, it was also an awkward reunion, so he stood a bit away, letting Ezio greet him first, however he so wished.
Giovanni Auditore da Firenze: ♠ :: famigliabetrayedblade on March 20th, 2010 06:15 am (UTC)
Giovanni didn't even move from his spot as he spied his sons and saw them coming to him. A part of him could have argued that he was afraid that if he tried too hard they would disappear--but another was simply quite confident they would come to him no matter what he did. At the last minute he sucked in a much needed breath as he realized he'd forgotten to breath in his astonishment and took one step forward as Ezio neared the quickest, rapidly taking him up in his arms as if he would never let his child go again.

"Ezio, when--" he found he couldn't finish the thought of how they'd been separated by waking and instead choked on the words. He closed his eyes and just concentrated on holding on.

But that wasn't enough. His eyes snapped open when he realized he was missing something--and latched onto Federico with a strong emotion held in his gaze. Without speaking he simply reached out to his eldest, grabbing him by the sleeve of his arm and pulling him closer, dragging him into the hug.

He swore to God right that instant that he would never let them go ever again.
brohug on March 20th, 2010 06:27 am (UTC)
Wooo... awkward. It didn't feel good being a third wheel when it came to such a heart-wrenching family meeting. He thought maybe he should just very quietly and slowly back-track into the room and let them have their moment; however, he remained steadfast and in his place, hands wrung in front of him.

And, hell, he was a painter, an artist. He teared up, not gonna lie. The family was already on good terms with him, and now Ezio had become one of his most valued friends. He knew how much Ezio missed the part of the family he lost.

Yep, excuse him while he dried his eyes with the back of a hand. Just don't look at them, Leonardo. If they started crying, you'd only cry harder.
playboyassassin on March 20th, 2010 06:38 am (UTC)
He tried to slow himself down a little, knowing he was acting far younger than he actually was now, but he couldn't help it. When the familiar embrace of his father was felt he happily returned it. Even if he had hugged the man multiple times during that 'dream' when they met, somehow this felt more real. Maybe because it was. Or maybe it wasn't, but who really cared at the moment? Likewise though, he was determined not to let go anytime soon.

When Federico was dragged in, he made sure to latch onto the both of them as best he could, looking up after a good minute or so to see Leonardo still standing there. Was he crying? NONONO don't cry, Leo, you'll get him started.

Too late. Ezio could already feel the tears stinging his eyes. His overwhelming happiness, despite how confusing it all was, was obviously outweighing his 'manly pride'.

Now it was his turn to drag someone into said group hug, and who better than his best friend? awkward as it may have been, Ezio was just as happy to see him as he was to see his father and brother, so he yanked Leo up against his side and took to hiding his face in his shoulder rather than staining his father's or Federico's robes.
Federico Auditore da Firenze: -9-  The Auditore Men.is_the_eldest on March 20th, 2010 04:45 pm (UTC)
/quickly posts before running to work
Watching Ezio and their father embrace made his lips twitch into a smile slightly. He wanted to join in, but part of him wasn't so sure. What if he hugged him and it was all a dream? What if he woke from it? Who even knew what all of this was anymore. Giovanni didn't give him a choice in the matter though, tugging his son into his arms along with Ezio. It took a moment for Federico to hug back, the whole situation a mix of a numbing reminder that everyone wasn't here. Yet he was still happy, and his arms came up, one wrapping around his father, the other around Ezio.

"Father...!" He managed to choke out, face buried against his shoulder, much more a child than a man. Part of him was waiting to hear the pattering of footsteps coming up, to hear Petruccio calling to them with a laugh and hugging him and Ezio from behind. It didn't happen. No mother or sister either. But he was thankful for what he did have.

Hearing the sounds of sobbing, he realized it was his brother, and oh god, he was already trying so hard not to do that. Sniffling, a few tears manage to get free, but he just hugged his father and brother tighter, focusing on them. He didn't want to let go. Ever.

... he might notice the other man after this was over, for now, poor Leonardo hadn't been made note of.
Giovanni Auditore da Firenze: ♠ :: mi dispiace per i miei segretibetrayedblade on March 20th, 2010 08:14 pm (UTC)
This thread. BAW. ; ;
Giovanni barely had time to notice that the artist was pulled close by his middle son but he did note that Ezio's face was soon buried in Leonardo's shoulder to hide the quiet sobs, and presumably the unwanted tears, from the rest of them. He didn't mind though it took him slightly by surprise; he didn't let it bother him, and simply focused on comforting his son as best he could while trying not to tear up himself. He rubbed Ezio's back soothingly as he pulled Federico in closer, resting his head on top of Federico's head as at least his eldest burrowed for comfort into him.

Words would not come to him and in the silence it became harder to hold his on emotions inside. He would not cry in front of his sons--he would not cry in front of his sons--

He took a steadying breath and waited out the family embrace, not wanting to release his sons but aware that when they were ready he would have to.
brohug on March 20th, 2010 09:34 pm (UTC)
Really, he had planned to just stand there and wait out the little family hug. He was just a friend, just Leonardo, so why should he--

Nevermind. Thanks to Ezio, he was shoved in the midst of the reunion, though it didn't bother him in the least. With a little sigh of sympathy, he hugged his friend comfortingly. It was odd. He had never seen Ezio shed a tear, not even after his father and brothers were hanged and the man came to his shop for help. And Ezio was an assassin who killed many men, too.

"È giusto," he whispered, then said, "I'm glad you are all safe and together." He looked to each Auditore in turn, then gave Ezio a pat on the shoulder. "Italians rejoice being reunited with celebration, not with tears."
playboyassassin on March 21st, 2010 12:53 am (UTC)
The last thing he wanted his father to see after all this was him crying like a baby. He had always aimed for Giovanni's approval, did practically anything he asked at the drop of a hat. He was his father, and while he wished his youngest brother, sister and mother were here with them, he was happy enough with these two. There was a part of him that felt he was responsible for bringing them here...somehow. But it didn't matter.

With a shaky breath to catch himself, Ezio pulled back just a little, one hand still clutching his father's shirt like a child scared to let go.

"I won't make the same mistakes as last time." He murmured softly, "I won't let either of you go again. I swear it."
Federico Auditore da Firenze: -22-  Listen well baby brother.is_the_eldest on March 21st, 2010 01:44 pm (UTC)
Leonardo spoke truth in his words, yet Federico couldn't seem to celebrate just yet. Once the shock of this reunion eased a bit perhaps. Giovanni's head resting atop his reminded Federico of younger days, when he was but a little boy who'd scared his knee, his father hugging him and soothing away his tears. A big cut to sooth this time, though the would all have to sooth each other this time.

Ezio is the first to pull back, aside from Leonardo, and his words strike Federico the wrong way for some reason. Why was Ezio blaming himself? While Federico hadn't been completely clueless as to what was going on with the family, he hadn't been completely in the know either. But their father had asked him to protect the family, to keep them safe, but he'd failed rather miserably at that. So if anyone made any mistakes... but now wasn't the time to be playing who's to blame.

Pulling back as well, Federico sniffed sharply, wiping his face with the back of his sleeve and he forced a chuckle.

"And who says we'll ever let you go again, baby brother?"
Giovanni Auditore da Firenze: ♠ :: malinconicobetrayedblade on March 22nd, 2010 08:19 pm (UTC)
If it was anyone's fault Giovanni knew it was his own. He didn't catch the signs soon enough; he didn't trust his instincts quick enough; he didn't act fast enough to prevent the downfall. He should have seen it coming--even if he hadn't predicted where it finally came from, a trusted friend, he had known he'd been found out and his life was in jeopardy. He hadn't figured his family into the equation though, and that was his terrible, terrible mistake. He should have known his enemies would stoop so low.

But he had underestimated them and his pride finally caught up to him. Without his patron around to save his sorry feathered ass...

Giovanni took a deep, deep breath and let it out very slowly as his hold loosened on his sons reluctantly. He opened his eyes to gaze down at his sons, eyes flickering from Federico to Ezio. He agreed with Federico's statement and felt a pang of guilt for the way Ezio apparently felt about the entire matter.

"You made no mistakes, mio figlio. You did all that you were told and there was nothing more you could have done. That is more than enough." He gave each of his sons one final pat on the back before composing himself in an idle stance. He tried a faint smile. "Your friend is correct, Ezio... we shouldn't stand around here like silly women after a tragic play has passed through the stage."
brohug on March 24th, 2010 03:20 am (UTC)
"See, even your father agrees," he said to Ezio, patting the man on the front shoulder. "On both accounts."

His eyes swiveled between the three Auditores, then he peered down the hall on both sides... then once more back to the three men. There was no way they could just open a single door and suddenly be back in amazing Italy. That was only a dream come true... plus, back in their world, Giovanni and Federico were, uh... dead. He doubted they would want to step through that door any time soon anyway.

With his gears turning in that polymath head of his, he remained quiet while, probably, the three of them talked over things. His eyes were cast off to the right and his brows were furrowed. Let's set up a timeline here: someone had claimed him dead, people rarely knew what Italy was, Giovanni and Federico were dead but now alive, someone said it was the year two thousand-something... What else? These weird appliances and buildings, ghosts, dreams... oh, and the burning and aching sensation on his arm when he woke up.

Yeah, he had nothing... aside from maybe this being... the future?

His lips parted, but he snapped back to attention on the Auditores.
playboyassassin on March 24th, 2010 03:30 am (UTC)
He couldn't help but give a small smirk in response to his brother's words. Touche, Federico. "Let's make sure of that." He murmured quietly, glancing to his father again afterward. He wanted to object, but there was really no point in doing so now, not when there were other things to deal with...and not when everyone seemed to be favoring celebration over pity parties. So he just nodded to agree, wiping the last lingering tears from his eyes and then glancing toward Leonardo again finally.

"I don't know what kind of celebration could be had in a place like this." He straightened himself fully, a brow lofting when he saw the confused look on the painter's face. he knew that look well enough, "What is it, Leonardo?"
Federico Auditore da Firenze: -18-  Hugs?is_the_eldest on March 24th, 2010 03:07 pm (UTC)
While things were still grim in a sense, the mood was lightened now and Federico felt better for it. Not moving too far from either his father or brother, he found himself looking at the other man with them. He had a feeling he should know who he was. He looked familiar. The name his brother spoke had him kicking himself mentally because it was right there. He knew who the man was, but it was right on the tip of his brain. He'd get it eventually.

"Leonardo..." muttered, before he clapped Ezio on the back, "Baby brother, are you not going to introduce us?" Federico motioned to Leonardo, a smile on his face.

"A celebration is more fun when you know everyone invited."
Giovanni Auditore da Firenze: ♠ :: affettuoso sorrisobetrayedblade on March 24th, 2010 04:00 pm (UTC)
Giovanni felt the air lightening around them and for that was thankful. It made it easier to relax and calm down, and somehow he'd managed to do no crying in the presence of his sons though he could still feel the watery affect lingering around in his eyes. He blinked it away and gazed between his two sons fondly.

He clasped his hands behind his back as he waited for the conversation to continue. Federico had made it Ezio's turn to speak. Giovanni smiled encouragingly.
brohug on March 24th, 2010 08:39 pm (UTC)
"Ah...?" He looked up in surprise, as if he thought he had been asked a question when he obviously wasn't following the conversation or paying attention. Derp.

"O-oh, it's nothing. I was... merely thinking about our situation." He forced a smile, then peered at Federico when he heard his na--fffff. Quickly, he raised his hand and waved it dismissively.

"That's all right. It's not Ezio's fault. He has had a lot on his mind." He smiled in assurance at his friend. "I'm Leonardo da Vinci, a... well, you'd know me best as a painter." And quite a few other things, too, but he'd rather not give them a resume-like speech. "If you don't mind... I would like to be of service to the Auditores here as well as in Italy."
playboyassassin on March 24th, 2010 08:50 pm (UTC)
He nodded toward the painter again, not wanting to press the matter at the moment. Though he would mention it again later when they were alone, as the look on Leonardo's face said he might at least know something they didn't. He could only hope.

Anyway. He opened his mouth to do said introductions, only to be interrupted by Leonardo introducing himself. He gave the man a scolding look, obviously playful, when he stole the words from him. To which he had to add, "And a very good friend. He's been helping me for years with his inventions." He waved his hand slightly.

"Did you two end up in the same room...?" He lofted a brow up, glancing to his father, just now remembering that Leonardo had come out right after him.